Bergamo Hub ☼Seed Project☼

Learning City Center Lab


Catalyze the evolution of individuals and organizations making a profoundly positive impact on people and in Bergamo.


  • Put into action the best ideas, systems and technology that creates a more just and sustainable city.

  • Deliver unique impact by providing a physical home that integrates local communities in social innovation.

  • Pollinate the top ideas, lessons and opportunities among the sub-groups of experts in Bergamo, creating new companies and jobs, while firmly connecting our city with the global networks of change-makers.

  • Values:

  • Action: Beyond simply appreciating new ideas, and models pioneered elsewhere, we focus on implementation and measurable outcomes.

  • Service: We focus on supporting people and organizations making positive change in the world, honoring concepts of reciprocity, and contributing to activities that strengthen our community.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Foster the creativity, innovation, drive, determination and (multiple forms of) capital necessary to make new ideas come to fruition.

  • Community: Provide a container and programming to integrate the diverse collection of people and organizations who share a common interest in collective impact on society and the environment. Actively promote and catalyze learning, sharing, new connections, and cross-disciplinary dialog, leading to collaboration.

  • Launch Italian Project