Sensory Immertion Augmented Reality


The research model presented here derives from the development of a magnetic gyroscopic electro-mechanical apparatus in the environment of an Open Innovation Research Technology Project (S.I.A.R.). I am convinced that this model can be improved through the mindful sharing of knowledge and experience among researchers. The Human Computer Interaction (HCI) applied in engineering computer science research has permitted us to develop and discover new technology and refine our technological approach on an almost daily basis. The findings presented here, build upon the concept of the cardanic gyroscopic suspension "Gimpal" mechanism described it in detail by the Italian Renaissance mathematician Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576), who was in turn informed by the Greek inventor Philo Byzantium(280-220) and Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).

Research Paradigm:

Our senses determinate everything that exists in our world but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the end of our world. We have to embrace knowledge that’s unconventional that’s in the unseen. And if we can wire it in our brain first, than what has always existed will now be seen by us.

The Why:

My greatest desire is to establish an NGO. that would allow the poorest children to imagine and build a new future. For this reason S.I.A.R. become my financial leverage for the foundations of an Open Innovation Technology Academy Institute where children, can grow and imagine a different future through the creation of new technology and Paragogy (peer tutoring and learning.)

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